MLT Aikins LLP Spotlight - Wednesday, May 8, 2019

This spotlight will focus on the career opportunities in law. The students will spend the morning at MLT Aikins LLP in Regina.  The day will begin with presentations on the different types of law that can be practiced and learn about their routines and types of skills that work best in that area. Students will also hear about career opportunities as paralegals and support staff roles in a law office.

Regina Police Service Thursday May 2, 2019

This spotlight will focus on the Regina City Police.  The students will have an opportunity to spend the day at the Regina Police Service Headquarters at 1717 Osler Street in Regina.  Students will hear from different departments of the Regina Police Service as to the type of work they do and the training they receive. Students will also learn about the training process and describe the characteristics that they are looking for in a candidate.  Students will eat lunch in the classroom.