Labatt Brewery Quality Manager Spotlight - March 1, 2021

Click Here to join this virtual spotlight starting at 1:15pm to hear from Joelle Pollard.  Joelle will outline her occupation as a Quality Manager at Labatt Brewery in Edmonton.  Her presentation will give you a look at the science behind brewing beer at a large scale production facility.  Growing up in Rosetown, she will also tell how she got to this position and what her post se

Atlas-Apex Roofing Spotlight - March 2, 2021

Click Here to join us for this virtual spotlight highlighting the team at Atlas-Apex Roofing.  As technology advances, Atlas-Apex is able to provide powerful options in the areas of re-roofing, siding and sheet metal, new construction and waterproofing and green services.  They will discuss the opportunities in the field, salary expectations, the hiring process, the type of work they do and working conditions.