High School Accelerated Program

The University of Regina High School Accelerated program is a great way to kick-start to university life.

Grade 11 and 12 students can take credit courses (one per semester) that will count towards a university degree program.

  • Ease into university with a couple of classes
  • Free up your schedule in your first year
  • Challenge yourself with course material not offered at your high school
  • Earn university credit


High School Accelerated courses

Courses below have been developed specifically for High School Accelerated students:

ENGL 100 - Critical Reading and Writing I - (Dual Credit - English B30 Option). 

This course will develop students' proficiency in critical reading and writing through the study of a wide range of non-literary and literary texts, and the study of composition, with emphasis on connections between modes of reading and writing.   

ANTH 100 - Introduction to Anthropology - (Special Project Credit Option)  

This course will introduce students to anthropological concept of culture, its uses in the explanation of human behavior and its impact on our understanding of human nature, language and society. The course will explore cultural diversity through the comparative perspective that makes anthropology unique within the humanities and social services.   

ART 220 - Two-Dimensional Form - (Special Project Credit Option)

This course includes hands-on studio projects. Students will draw, paint, use print media, photography and inter-media processes to develop a working understanding of two-dimensional design principles. 

** BUS 100 - Introduction to Business - (Special Project Credit Option)

This course will provide a broad introduction to business and management concepts, including areas such as:  marketing, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, operations management, human resources, strategy and organizational behavior.  

** INDG 100 - Introduction to Business - (Dual Credit - Native Studies 30 Option)

This course will provide a cross-disciplinary study of Indigenous societies, cultures and knowledge and will explore the history and life of Indigenous people in Saskatchewan, Canada North America and around the world.  

** New for 2022


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