Summer Apprenticeship Program [SAP]

The Summer Apprenticeship Program (SAP) focuses on Grade 10 and 11 students looking to explore occupations in the trades through summer employment.

Students have the opportunity to apply for a summer job and be employed for 6 or more weeks during June, July, and August, and potentially earning up to a maximum of four high school Apprenticeship credits.  Participants may document these hours on a Sask. Apprenticeship 6A form, and bank these towards their application into the trade they have been immersed in for the summer.

RDIEC contacts employers and creates ads for employment opportunities in the Regina region. Ads for these opportunities to work for companies employing trades people in the Regina region are posted on a job board at all of the Regina area high schools. Please note that if you have secured summer employment and would like to pursue the Apprenticeship credits please contact Gordon Heidel, or Mark Edmonds.

Students must complete the Summer Apprenticeship Proposal Form (2625.1) from their guidance counsellor or by contacting our office.  

Students will be required to enroll in the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) program and complete the following safety courses by Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

                1. Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course

                2. Mental Health Wellness Training

      3.  SCOT - Safety Construction Orientation Training 


Students who have completed any of these courses must provide proof of completion (certification).

Click here to access the Summer Apprenticeship brochure.

Contact Gordon Heidel (RDIEC Program Facilitator) for more information at or 306 537-2960 (cell) or 306 523-3332 (office) or Mark Edmonds (Executive Director), at or 306-531-3892 (cellular) or 306 523-3310 (office)