Summer Apprenticeship Program [SAP]

The Summer Apprenticeship Program (SAP) will focus on Grade 10 and 11 students looking to explore occupations in the trades through summer employment.

The students will have the opportunity to apply for a summer job and be employed for 6-8 weeks during July and August, earn up to three high school Apprenticeship credits and document these hours on a Sask. Apprenticeship 6A form.

The program is for students who have secured employment for the summer on their own or apply for jobs that are posted on their high school guidance counsellor’s bulletin boards. These jobs have been secured by RDIEC.

Students must complete the Summer Apprenticeship Proposal Form. 

A compulsory part of the program is to attend a one day orientation on TBD at Campus Regina Public in Regina. Work will begin July 6th. 

Prior to attending the SAP orientation students must complete the Saskatchewan Safety Council Career Safety Education Program which consists of:

  1. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS 2015)
  2. Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course
  3. Mental Health Wellness Training
  4. Depending on your career interest, you choose one of the following industry orientations:
  1. Heavy Construction: RSTS (Roadbuilders Safety Training System Online)
  2. Construction and Trades: SCOT Online (Safety Construction Orientation Training)

Students who have completed any of these courses must provide a valid certificate.

Contact Doug Sthamann for more information at or 306 530-0185 (cell) or 306 523-3332 (office)