Bricklaying / Masonry Career Connection & Pipefitting Career Connection

Bricklaying / Masonry Career Connection - February 11 - March 17 

Pipefitting Career Connection - February 14 - March 20

Career Connection programs provide an opportunity for interested Grade 10-12 students to obtain entry level skills and industry recognized safety training certification. Participating students will also have the opportunity to obtain a high school credit upon completion of the work experience component.

These connections will focus on Masonry at the International Union of Bricklayers & Allied CraftWorkers Local 1 from February 11 - March 17th and also Pipefitting at the Pipefitters Local 179 from February 14 - March 20

Students should be interested in these skilled trades and have time in their personal schedules to fulfill the commitment of these programs.  Students must dress appropriately for working in these industries. 

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