RDIEC Summer Apprenticeship Program July 2018

The students will have the opportunity to be employed for approximately 7 weeks during July and August, earn up to two high school Apprenticeship credits, document these hours on a 6A form and receive Early Safety Training. Students will have to complete their Young Workers Readiness Certificate and WHIMIS online prior to starting the safety training on July 3rd . The students will complete their SCOT (Safety Construction Orientation Training) and register for Sask. Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) on July 3rd . They will then report to their jobs starting July 4th . This program will end the week of August 20-24.


The timeline for this program is as follows:

1) Receive commitment from businesses by early May 4-8

2) We will compile all jobs onto a job board and email that to you by May 8.

3) The students will need to apply for those jobs that they are interested in by May 18.

4) Employers will complete their interviews by end of May.

5) Employers will contact the students after the interviews to let them know if they were successful or not.

6) Employers will inform us of the successful students and we will contact the students to register them for the program and the safety training.

Click HERE for a copy of our Program Brouchure