Masonry Career Connection - February 6, 2018

This connection will focus on Bricklaying/ Masonry at the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1 in Regina.  Students should be interested in the skilled trades and have time in their personal schedules to fulfill the commitment of this program.    Students will meet at 1645 Reynolds Street for each of their skill building sessions.  There will be 5 skill sessions in all, with the first one on Tuesday February 6  from 1-6pm, the sessions will be held every second Tuesday. The other dates are Tuesday February 20, Tuesday March 6. Tuesday March 20 and Tuesday March 27. Date could change do to instructor availability.  The school will allow students to attend and the absence will be excused but students are responsible for all material missed in class that day.  This is a total commitment of 25 hours. 

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