Grade 12 Career Timeline 2017-2018


  • Apply online for SK Polytechnic - starting September 1st (for all programs except the five high demand programs) at Wascana, Palliser, Kelsey & Woodland Campus
  • Check and follow recommended application dates and processes for out-of-province and out-of-country schools
  • Create personal profile and start application for awards/scholarships
  • Register for various post-secondary open houses in October and November
  • University of Regina Campion College Information Night - September 28th 
  • University of Saskatchewan - Open House - Friday, September 29th 
  • Apply for housing and residence for all post-secondary 



  • University of Regina / SK Polytech Nursing application begins - October 1st
  • SK Polytech - High Demand Program application begins - October 1st
    • (Dental Hygiene, Medical Radiologic Technology, Power Engineering, Practical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing) 
  • University of Regina Luther College Information Night - October 5th 
  • University of Regina - What is Engineering? Wednesday, October 11th 
  • University of Regina - Fall Open House - Saturday, October 14th



  • Apply for Residence at University of Sask. - November 1st
  • See Your Future Career Fair - Regina Evraz Place - Tuesday, November 7th 
  • SK Polytech INSIGHT - All Campuses - Thursday, November 16th 
  • University of Regina - What is Social Work? Tuesday, November 21st
  • Continue applications for post-secondary institutions



  • University of Saskatchewan "Best & Brightest" - apply for admission to U of S by December 1st
  • University of Regina - Admissions on the Spot - Thursday, December 7th
  • University of Regina - What is Business Administration? Thursday, December 7th
  • University of Sask "Best & Brightest" Scholarship Application deadline - December 15th
  • Submit University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina applications by the end of the semester unless you have chosen to apply earlier



  • University of Regina Scholarship Workshop - TBD
  • Check deadlines for out of province schools
  • Continue applying for scholarships
  • Send midterm marks to institutions from the Ministry of Education
  • University of Saskatchewan deadline for all competitive entry colleges - February 15th 
  • University of Saskatchewan Competitive Awards - apply for admission by February 15th 
  • University of Regina / SK Polytech Nursing application deadline - February 15th 
  • University of Regina - Admission on the Spot - Thursday, February 15th 
  • University of Regina - Gr. 11 University Preview - Friday, February 23rd 



  • Continue applications
  • Official Ministry Transcript due at SK Polytech for Nursing program - March 1st
  • University of Saskatchewan Competitive Awards application & supporting documents deadline - March 1st
  • University of Regina Faculty of Education high school applicant deadline - March 1st
  • University of Regina Priority Deadline & Entrance Scholarship deadline - March 15th 



  • Continue applications
  • Apply for local scholarships



  • University of Regina - UR Beginning (new students for Fall 2018) - May 4th



  • Deadline for University of Regina Residence - June 1st (Guaranteed Room)
  • Students must complete a transcript request form to the Ministry of Education requesting that an official transcript of their marks be forwarded to the post-secondary schools they have applied to.  Go To:
  • Student loan applications available on-line at:



  • University of Saskatchewan Arts/Sciences deadline - August 15th 
  • Deadline for all University of Regina programs (excluding Education & Nursing) - August 30th 
  • Ministry of Education transcripts are due at all post-secondary instiutitions